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Bonneau, Melinda and Pierre

Bonneau, Patricia and George

Bonneau, Ruby and William

Bonneau, Gilda - Peter Savoie
Bonneau, Walter and Family

Bonneau, Victor and Family

Bonneau, Monique and Ernest

Bonneau, Alfred and Family

Bossie, Pamela and Family - 2/4/2015
Brooks, Abby-Gayle and Brandon - 10/12/2014
Brooks, Cindy and Michael
Brooks, Jeannine Christensen and Christopher
Burke, Emma Lavgine and William T. Burke - 2/16/2015


Davis, Thaddius Lee - 11/9/2014


Hayes, Ashley and family - 2/4/2015
Henault, Cindy and Steve - 2/3/2015


Jackson, Alexander and Francis - 10/18/2014
Jackson, Amelia and Robert - 10/18/2014
Jackson, Barbara and Robert
Jackson, Bobby and Family - 8/2014
Jackson, Donald and Family - 8/2014
Jackson, Gary and Family - 8/2014
Jackson, Lynn and Family - 8/2014
Jackson, James and Family - 8/2014
Jackson, Ruth and Patrick - 10/18/2014
Jackson, Marcia and Family - 8/2014
Jackson, Tom and Family (Canada) - 8/2014


Kessinger, Jennifer and Jay - 10/12/2014



Lacroix, Cindy and Family - 2/4/2015

Lacroix, Della and/or Joseph
LaCroix, Elizabeth and Family - 2/4/2015
Lacroix, Elizabeth and Joseph - 10/6/2014  - [22 SEP 1954 - 24 OCT 1946] -  (Life History)
Lacroix, Heather and Family  - 8/2014
LaCroix, James and Family - 2/4/2015
Lacroix, Janice and Thomas
Lacroix, Nichole and Tommy - 2/3/2015
Lacroix, Oliver and Louise - 9/2014
Lacroix, Jessica
LaCroix, William - Kat and Family - 2/4/2015
Lacroix, Joseph and Karina - 2/4/2015
Lacroix, Penny and Family - 8/2014
Lacroix, Sarah and William - 1/2015
Lacroix, Theresa and Thomas Peter - 2/2/2015
Lacroix, Flora and Norman - 10/18/2014
Lanza, Shirley and Frank
Lehr, Ed and Louise -


Mason, Mary Ann and Paul
McDonald, Opal and Alfred -


Owen, Edith and Purlee - 10/18/2014


Perry, Lynne and Family
Phelan, Melissa and Niall


Savoie, Gilda Bonneau and Peter
Smith, Carrie and Neal -
Sullivan, Brenda and Dan - 2/16/2015
Sullivan Linne and Sean - 1/28/2015
Sullivan, Nancy and Victor - 1/28/2015


Talley, Meredith and Dennis - 5/31/2015
Thibault, Sandy and David - 2/16/2015
Thibault, Mary and Wilson - 2/16/2015
Thibault, Kristine Claro and Brent Thibault - 2/16/2015
Thomas, Dorothy and Donald - 2/16/2015
Thomas, Penny and Ralph - 2/16/2015
Thomas, Jessica
Thomas, Judith and Partners - 2/16/2015
Thomas, Judy and James - 2/16/2015
Thomas, Mabelle and Ralph - 8/2014
Tison, Mona and Robert Cecil - 1/2015
Tison, Susie and Robert Julian
Tison, Clara Bell Watson and Robert Joseph
Tison Family


Webster, Earl Adelbert - 10/18/2014

Woodhull, Phillis and John -


Updates... and Forest of Families:
October 29, 2014 - Family Circles - 53, and about 150 Individuals in the US
November 15, 2014 - 289 Individuals
December 26, 2014 - 373 Individuals
January 11, 2015 - 404 Individuals in 62 Family Circles - to 1617, England 
February 16, 2015 - 476 Individuals in 72 Family Circles - to 1617, England
May 31, 2015 - 975 Individuals in Ancestry - TBD in Forest of Families back to late 1500's
April 18, 2016 - 1,250 Individuals in Ancestry  - slowly converting to FF.
May 22, 2016 - Updated Birthday and Anniversary Dates

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About Forest of Families:

This project is an initiative undertaken by Joseph and Elizabeth Lacroix.  It was stimulated by a sudden death on our family and the realization that our family connections are spread across the United States and well into the European Continent.  Our granddaughter (Kylie - at 5 years of age) confessed to us that her only cousins were in her home town and she couldn't understand why, if she had cousins elsewhere they didn't know her!  We read a few books on studied genealogy and and family history - then started this quest.  We've reserved the name "Forest of Families" for an eventual web site, but intend to experiment a bit first.  This "site" is attached to one of our business sites, "" for the time being.  We'll see how it goes if and when it grows to a family resource.   

This online resource has been undertaken to inform current and future generations about the families (relatives) that make up our most important connections in life. 

If you are contemplating an addition or modification to the Family Circles included here, please, read the guide to help streamline your experience


How to Find Your Place:

Start with any family name and follow the links.  We'd recommend that you begin with Column 1 - Individual Family Members, above. 


How to Add to the Forest:

Every page should have a link below the images of a family.  Use that link to send us information that will expand the forest - and send us photographs and/or official documents that will add to the history.  We are less concerned with the totally official nature of this Forest growth rather we are trying to focus on the practical side of providing information to those who are searching for connections.  We'll worry about formalities eventually, but not so much as be begin this journey of discovery. 


Computer Compatibility

This web site has been created in a PC environment.  However, it is usable by those with a preference for Apple computers as well.

If you use an "i" product, watch the following video, if needed. 



Calendar of Birthdays and Anniversaries
by: Month, Day and Name

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12
Day Name or Names
  13 Karina Lacroix
  20 Jennifer L. Kessinger
  24 Michael B. Brooks
  19 Jessica L Lacroix
  28 Elizabeth and Joe Lacroix
  4 William J. Lacroix
  8 Sarah L. Lacroix
  10 Kylie N. Brooks
  21 Becca Hennault
  31 Penny and Dave Curran
  5 Courtney Ann Hennault
  6 Nicholas Curran
  9 James LaCroix
  10 Thomas P. Lacroix
  10 Sarah and Bill LaCroix
  11 William Joseph Lacroix
  19 Don Tison
  23 Logan Kessinger
  22 Dave Curran
  1 Ashley Elizabeth
  5 Heather Hadley
  8 Cindy and Steve Hennault
  9 Penny Curran (Daughter of Penny Curran
  11 Cindy Hennault
  16 Steve Hennault
  17 Abby-Gayle E. Brooks
  22 Elizabeth T. Lacroix
  27 Levi N. Lacroix
  12 Melissa Phelan
  20 Pamela Boisse
  22 Elizabeth LaCroix
  23 Richard Hadley
  24 Joseph J. Lacroix
  3 Janice Lacroix
  25 Tabitha
  1 Ben Curran
  21 Joseph N. Lacroix
  27 Theresa Lacroix

In the event information is missing/incorrect, or if you have a suggestion,
please submit the correct information using the link below:
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As of:  5/28/2016 (a work in progress)

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