Joseph John Lacroix

1953ish  1964  1972  2002  2014



1. Name and name history:

full name and where it did or might have come from

My first name came from my father - Joseph Norman Rudolph Mooseheart Lacroix (not the same as on birth certificate).  The Mooseheart myth came from a supposed devotion in the family to the Mooseheart branch of the Moose organization devoted to orphans.  My grandfather (on my father's side) was also Joseph A. Lacroix so that certainly finished the first name options.  I was always told that  my paternal grandfather's middle name was John, but come to find out it was some name that began with "A" (Alphonse) - since that is what all his records use.  So, I'm not really sure at this time where the middle name John came from.  October2014

The last name of Lacroix, is customarily spelled with a capitol "C" but our name did not have that distinction.  The family story was that, although dad was French, mom was a Brit and that she is the one that "anglicized" both the spelling and pronunciation.  Most of the rest of the family has taken an easy way out and reverted to both the French spelling and pronunciation.  A check on family records that go "way back" indicate that the last name was rarely spelled with a capitol "C".  October 2014

2. Birth/Death:

place, date, parents' full names, including your mother's maiden name, and any unusual circumstances at your birth. 

Born in Hanover, New Hampshire on October 24, 1946.  Apparently, although Newport, where my parents lived at the time, had a small cottage hospital, mom had complications with me that necessitated her having me at Mary Hitchcock Memorial (Regional) Hospital in Hanover.  Although I was ready to travel home soon after the birth mom had complications that caused her to stay there for some time - perhaps up to a month.  I recall that I had a physical ailment that caused my intestines to spasm into a contraction and slowly release.  This complication might have resulted in serious difficulties but nothing further developed over the years.  October 2014

My current desire is to be cremated and placed in the wall at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, at the closest possible proximity to the Fort Myer Chapel, which is where Elizabeth and I were married and that she be placed there in the same space.  October 2014


3. Siblings:

their birth dates, marriages, deaths, and names of children

I have two brothers:
Thomas Norman and
William James.  I will provide additional information as it is confirmed.  August 2014


4. Education:

grade school, high schools, college, other institutions

Throughout public School I attended Newport Primary School (Grades 1-2),

Richards Elementary School (3-5) - (Back door at new side), Old and New Sides

Newport Junior High School (6-9), and finally Towle High School (10-12). 

I attended college at New Hampshire College of Accounting and Commerce (1964-1967) in Manchester, New Hampshire and received a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. 

That is the Adjutant General of New Hampshire, MG Francis B. McSweeney presenting me with the NGB Erickson Trophy for graduating 1st in Leadership in my class.  I had already been commissioned. A bulk of my important education was military.  I attended the New Hampshire Military Academy (1966-1968) and graduated as a Second Lieutenant (first in my class as the honor graduate in Leadership). 

November Co., Basic Training was achieved at Fort Dix, New Jersey (1966), and the Post Hospital - Elizabeth and I went there when she was first pregnant. 

Officer's Basic Training at Fort Sill (artillery), Lawton, Oklahoma (Spring 1969). 

The best course I ever took was the Organization Effective Staff Officer School at Fort Ord, Monterey, California in 1985.  This changed my life. 

I completed Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas completely by correspondence (197?).  October 2014


5. Marriages, divorces:

including dates, names, and places

First marriage was to Brenda Ann Thibault (?) in 1966 in Newport New Hampshire Divorce was final in 1975.

Last marriage was to Elizabeth Louise Thomas in 1976 at the Old Guard Chapel, Fort Myer, Arlington, Virginia.  October 2014


6. Children:

full names and nicknames, dates of birth, where born, marriages and names of their spouse(s) and children

Jessica Lynne Lacroix (1970) in Manchester, New Hampshire;
Jennifer Lynne Lacroix Kessinger (1973) in Manchester, New Hampshire;

Abby-Gayle Edith Lacroix Brooks (1979) in Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Pennsylvania; and
Joseph Norman Lacroix (1980) in Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Pennsylvania.  October 2014


7. Work history and positions held:

make a timeline of all the places you worked

Growing up in Newport:
Mowed Cemetery Lawns in Newport, New Hampshire at age 14.
Bagged groceries at Grand Union Champaign Stores in High School.
Delivered Flows at the Newport Flower Shop in High School (inherited the job from my brother Bill).
Movie projectionist (35 mm) at the Latchis Theater in Newport through High School.

Off to College:
Stock Room at Machinists Dry Goods Store, in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Several jobs at the Manchester Boys Club (Main Desk, Wood Working, and Group Leader - Chicago Trip, met Jessy Owens).
OCS at the New Hampshire National Guard in Concord, New Hampshire.

Immediately After Graduation:
1969 - Sold Life Insurance (poorly) at the Equitable Life Assurance Society of New York - worked for Jack Cheny.
Executive Office in Plymouth ARNG.
Commander at the Lebanon ARNG.
1969 - Attended Artillery Basic Course at Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Active Duty Military Career:
1971 - State Headquarters, Selective Service System, Chief of Local Board Operations, Concord, New Hampshire.
1973 - National Headquarters, Selective Service System, Joint Military Service Personnel Officer, Washington, DC.
1975 - Assistant to the Regional Director, SSS, Region 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1980 - National Headquarters, SSS, National Training Officer, Washington, DC.
1983 - Assistant to the Regional Director, SSS, Region 4, Dallas, Texas.
1986 - National Director, Organization Effectiveness Center, Camp Robinson, ARNG Professional Education Center, North Little Rock, Arkansas.
1989 - ARNG Liaison Officer, US Army Training Support Center, Fort Eustis, Virginia.
1992 - Retired:  with 26 years active service in March-ish 1992

Private Companies - ODI and QWLC:
Newport News, Virginia

My Desk 1st Library
1st - In Home Office - 205 Ford Court, Newport News, Virginia

Front  Back
2nd Office - Commercial Space - Piccadilly Office Park,
Warwick Blvd, Newport News, Virginia - Second Floor plus one large suite next door.



Break Room
3rd Office - Quality of WorkLife Center (5,000+ SqFt), on the Harbor Front, Hampton, Virginia


8. Military experience:

list entry and exit information, assignments, locations, and promotions

Enlisted: February 1966 (entry pay was $42 a month). 
Retired:  March 1992 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
See above.


9. Major geographic moves:

list dates, places you lived over the years

14 Walnut Street, Newport, New Hampshire - Grew up here.  Purchased just before I was born in 1945.
Middle upstairs and right upstairs were mine at one time or another.

Spent time at High Street - Pop and Grams house on East Mountain, Newport, New Hampshire (long after their death)

Spent time in Avon Massachusetts at Uncle Als Home - week or so in the summer months.

Manchester, New Hampshire
Lawton, Oklahoma
Goffstown, New Hampshire

Arlington, Virginia - Washington, DC

Mantua, New Jersey 30-day Temporary
2303 D Patrol Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kensington, MD Transition - Temporary

Fort Washington, Maryland - Washington, DC

Arlington, Texas

7216 Geronimo Circle, North Little Rock, Arkansas

205 Ford Court, Newport News, Virginia

35 Waters Edge, Hampton, Virginia
Hampton, Virginia

York County, Virginia

923 Ivystone, Newport News, Virginia                        809 Greystone Trace, Newport News, Virginia


10. Unusual experiences:

such as robberies and accidents



11. Organizations you belonged to and positions held:

names of organizations and locations as well as duties/positions held

American Society for Trainers and Developers (ASTD) Hampton Roads Chapter President (two terms - early 1990's)

12. Church membership, activities, and organizations:

denominations, locations, dates, activity, and significant ceremonies

Church of the Epiphany, Newport, New Hampshire
St. Stephens, Newport News, Virginia
St. Johns, Hampton, Virginia


13. Volunteer activities throughout life.

Organizations, dates, and roles


14. Travel, special vacations and events:

places and dates as well as significant sites and stories

Early tent camping with the family in New Hampshire.

1976 Vacations Plus
     Married - February 28, 1976
     Moved into first home at 2815 South 12th St., Arlington, Virginia
     Honeymoon in Williamsburg
     Bought boat – “Doesn’t leak, not one drop!”
     Bought Sammy Car – 1976 Blue Chevy Wagon

1977 Vacation Plus
     Dads Testimonial Retirement (June 25th), Cottage at Lake Sunapee with , Elizabeth’s Folks – Home.
     Disney World (July) with Jess and Jenn, military installations – SUNBURN! at Patrick AFB. 
     Through Chatanooga, TN “Go home Yankees!!” (NH Plates).
     Got pilots license
1978 Vacation Plus
     Disney World – Camper with Rain almost every day!
     Moved To Mantua, New Jersey ( less than 30 days temporary)
     Moved into home at 2303 D Patrol Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     While in Philadelphia visited local sites: Valley Forge, Liberty Bell, Sesame Street,

1979 Vacations Plus
     Pregnant with Abby – Hypoglycemia.
     Maine to folks Camper in York Campground
     Abby Born September 17th at Navy Hospital in South Philly
     Travel to/from Jess Jenn pickup in Virginia
     Took up golf with Ed Pagano. 
     Bought Airplane N7986U
     Took in Heather Jean
     Dad diagnosed with cancer – surgery
1980 Vacations
     Life with Abby
     2nd Pregnancy - Joe Born December 21st
     Navy Wives Club President
1981 Vacations and events
     Transferred back to SSS Headquarters - moved temporarily to a three-month rental in Kennsington, Maryland;
     temporary quarters at Bolling AFB, Maryland, and ??? Alexandria, Vriginia. 
     April - Roswell, NM; Carlesbad, NM; El Paso, TX; Mexico; amd home. –
     FINALLY moved into home at 12803 Falkirk Circle, Tantallon, Fort Washington, Maryland
     Promoted to Major in summer
     Molly and Betty visit from England
     Elizabeth joined Beta Sigma Phi
     Abby to WV for potty training
     Custody case – Sarah came down to testify
     Jess and Jenn taken to Florida - total surprise
     DDT last Christmas
1982 Vacations Plus
     Bunco Squad - called the real estate company on illegal fees!
     Norman’s first haircut
     Dad (Thomas) died in West Virginia.
     First miniature computer – WOW!
1983 Vacations Plus
     Moved to 1900 Bedrock Lane, Arlington, Texas.
     Redskills won superbowl - we attended the party with sorority friends.
     Beta Sigma Phi
     Gita - betrothed before birth in India
     Visited Roswell, NM, with Mom –
     Mom married Bill – trip to Las Vegas
     First real computer

1984 Vacation Plus
     Trips to Washington
     Moved to 2214 Crooked Oak Court, Arlington, Texas.
Telepathic phone calls between Joe and Liza from Eugene, Oregon Workshop – Communicated with a rose!
     Humpty Dumpty Day School
     Resigned Selective Service (Joe Black a catalyst). 
     New Hampshire – Massachusetts – Home to Arlington, TX – Job Hunt, NHARNG
     Started two new businesses (TechSys [texas] and Home Assistant)
     Helped Joan Kinscherrif on thesis.
Running out of employment options – Called Ed Pagano at Elizabeth’s insistence – Headed for Ft. Ord –
     Visited Ralph on the way in California.

1985 Vacation Plus
Showed up for OEC School without orders for first three weeks. 
     Brack on the other side of the wall at Ft. Ord and Roommate from West Point.
     Elizabeth to Big Sur for a long weekend.
     OECS in Monterey, California – Fort Lewis, Washington – Yakama Firing Center, Washington,
     Met family in San Francisco Airport and on to Monterey.
     OECS Graduation – Fort Ord – Monterey Aquarium – Sea Coast Route 5 – Disneyland – Universal Studios –
     Long Beach Queen Mary and Howard Hughes Spruce Goose – Knotts Berry Farm – Carlsbad Caverns –
     Home (Arlington, TX)
     Moved to 7216 Geronimo Circle, North Little Rock, Arkansas – bought it.
     Poison Oak
     First trip to Alaska – Anchorage, Bethel, Nome, Kotzebue, Anchorage – home!
     Timber – Abby stitches!
     Travelled a lot. 

 1986 Vacations Plus
     Promotion to Major
     Business trip to Germany with a stop in Ireland, Atlanta, on to Home, Little Rock.
     Command and General Staff – completed – eligible for promotion. 
     JJ turned 40!!!
     Joseph Norman entered kintergarden
     Chicken pox.
     Wives Club at North Little rock AFB – Hillary Clinton a guest speaker. 
1987(?) Vacation
     Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas and Attractions – Home to N. Little Rock, AR
     Started visiting Arkansas State Parks – Lake Catherine, etc. 
     Death and Dying
     ? Puerto Rico – Met Bob Butehorn. 
     Arkansas Diamond Mine (State Quarter site)
     JJ Stopped Smoking -
     Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
     Heard God for the first time – “Help My People!” – Technology as fast as I could.
     NLP “certification. 

 1988 Vacations Plus
     ? JJ visit to Germany
     San Antonio – NG Convention – Graduation for PEC Class –
     Rough times – Holidays
     Lisa – in or out of PPD?
     Abby and Joey to 7th Street School. 
1989 Events
     Transferred to ATSC in Newport News, Virginia at Fort Eustis
     Moved to 205 Ford Court, Newport News, Virginia
     OFFICIAL GUEST – USS Abraham Lincoln, November 11, 1989
     Zenith Computer
     R. O. Nelson Elementary School
     Wrote the initial "Master Plan and Initial Library" for Leadagement Technologies, Inc. 

1990 Vacation Plus
     Oozle Finch
     ATSC Exhibit in Reno, Nevada – Home to Newport News, Virginia
     Howard and Terry
     Drug Issues
     ETL stopped smoking. 
     Joe Denbigh Youth Baseball.
     Beginning of Fort Story visits
1991 Vacations Plus
     Serious Illness appendix – 11 days in ICU 
     Snip Snip!!
     Mrs. McCallum
     Class Mom
     Psuedo parents – Charlie and Patty
     Abby Class President
     Joey Karate
     Still at Fort Story and Youth Baseball

1992 Vacations Plus
     Retired from USA
     Got first cell phone
     Trip to New Hampshire – Mom’s funeral  D: April 21, 1992.
     Got Buster Dawg!
     Started at St. Stephens
     Started ODI and LTI born
     Continued with Fort Story visits
     Started as a HOME office at 205 Ford Court.

1993 Vacation
     Originally destined for Jan Juan on Space-A from Andrews AFB, BUT ended up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
     Brother Tom died.
     Joined ASTD
     Bought RED convertible
     Joseph Norman continued Baseball, Tae Kwan Do
     Bought Black Tank Pontiac
     Continued Fort Story

1994 Vacation
     Abby in District Chorus
     Carnival Festivale – San Juan – St. Thomas – Martinique – St. Martian – Barbados 
     Bill Shupe died
     Started with James City County
     ETL turned 40

1995 Vacations Plus
Dallas – San Francisco – Lake Tahoe – CA National Guard Convention
          (Oklahoma City Bombing weekend).
     July – Lake Sunapee with Grampy for a week (video available).
     August – Granny in West Virginia (video available).

1996 Vacations
     Totally consumed with developing a workforce for ODI from scratch.
     Wrote the book on "Cultural Facilitation" and practiced it!
     Engaged NASA through 20000

1997 Events
     Miss Hampton-Newport News Festival Scholarship Pageant, March 8th.            
     Virginia Stage Company, “Always...” Patsy Cline, April 13th
     Atlantic City, NJ – Paul Anka (September 28th)
     Arnstein (exchange student from Norway) for the School Year

1998 Vacations and Events
     Atlantic City – Brenda Lee Concert (Feb 28th) with Autograph,
     Abby Graduated High School
     Abby to Radford, Virginia (3 trips – one with Joe’s party)

1999 Vacations and Events
     Hampton Coliseum – John Anderson with Heather Myles, Feb 23rd
     Chrysler Hall – The Phantom of the Opera, April 21st
     Moved to 35 Waters Edge, Hampton, Virginia
     Joe Graduated High School
     Joe Enlisted and off to Basic at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo
     Pick up Joe – St. Louis Arch – Fort Leonard Wood - Home

2000 Vacation
     Consumed with NNPS, NASA, CSB, and a few others!
     Extrememly preoccupied with the development of the Quality of WorkLife Center
          on the Harbor in Hampton (under the old Radisson Parking Garage.

2001 Vacations Plus
     Joe got married to Pam.  Bill Sarah and Family attended Wedding.  Jennifer came to wedding.

2002 Vacation Plus
San Diego, California – Melissa and Niall Wedding with Mom. 
     Joe got orders to Bagdad!  -  It was a tense year until he got home.
     Abby got married to Brandon.
     Vacated the Center in Hampton
     Opened the Office in the Mariners Building on Warwick Blvd. in Newport News.

2003 Vacation
     Chrysler Hall – Riverdance, Jan 28th
      Hampton Coliseum – Better Midler, March 6th
Savannah, Georgia – Joe returned from Bagdad, Iraq
     Moved to 102 Linden Court, Yorktown, Virginia
     Naples, Florida - Edison and Ford Winter Estates, April 4th
     American Theater – John Amos Special Event, December 12th

2004 Events
     American Theater – Love Letters with Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, Feb 15th
     Moved to 923 Ivystone Way, Newport News, Virginia

2005 Vacation Plus
     Ferguson – The Oak Ridge Boys, November 13th
     Ferguson – USAF Heritage of America Band, Dec 8th
     Dad Died in December.

2006 Vacation
     Week-long Caribbean Anniversary Cruise – Key West,  Mel Fishers Chisel - 
     Carnival GLORY
     Chrysler Hall – So You Think You Can Dance, Oct 21st
     Paul and Mary Ann’s Anniversary
     Visit from brother Ralph
     Visit with Jennifer and family in Florida.

2007 Vacation Plus
     Columbia, SC – Joe’s Graduation from DI School – Ft Jackson
     Cherokee – Train Tour - Great Smoky Mountains – Biltmore Estate –
     Little Switzerland – Gem Mountain – Mt Airy – Home
     Fort Story w/Brandon and Abby
     Sturbridge – Myott – Casino – Mystic Pizza – Newport, RI – Plymouth Rock –
     Avon – Home
     Ferguson – Mannheim Steamroller, April 12th
     New England Foliage Tour – Mt. Washington (4 days) with Bill and Sarah. 
     Mom (Dorothy Louise) died in December.

2007 Vacations COPY:
     Columbia – Joe’s Graduation from DI School – Ft Jackson
     Cherokee – Train Tour - Great Smoky Mountains – Biltmore Estate
     Little Swizerland – Gem Mountain – Mt Airy

2008 Vacations
Manapause, the Musical in Norfolk
     Dover Downs, Feb 28th
          Phoenix – Meteor Crater NP – Petrified Forest NP – Four Corners –
          Mesa Verde NP – Contental Divide Marker - Royal Gorge Railroad –
          Wind Cave NP – Mt Rushmore NP – Crazy Horse – Jewel Cave NP –
          Devils Tower NP – Little Big Horn NP – Yellowstone NP –
          Golden Spike NP – Zion NP – North Rim Grand Canyon NP –
          Grand Canyon South NP – Tempe Arizona, Joe’s Lunch – Home
     Visit From Ralph and Family from CA.
     Fall in Fairfax!
     Ferguson – Manheim Steamroller, December 9th
     Ferguson – Glenn Miller Orchestra December 20th
     Atlantic City, NJ (Cape May Ferry Ticket (December 27th)
     Moved around the corner to 809 Greystone Trace, Newport News, Virginia.

2009 Vacations
Ferguson – Drumline, Feb 15th
          Las Vegas (Caesars Palace,  ) – Zion – Bryce – Cedar Breaks – Pipe Springs NP –
          Grand Canyon North – Santa Fe Trail - Las Vegas – Penn and Teller Show –
          Home (7 days)
     AMTRAK - July 4th – Washington  – Pentagon – Smithsonian – National Mall –
          Flight Test at old National Airport Old Neighborhood – Mount Vernon –
          Metro Subway - (3 days)
     Delaware Boundary Marker – Caesar Rodney Statue (DE Quarter)  –
          Pennsylvania Washington Crossing - Narrow Bridge - New Jersey (NJ Quarter) –
          Maryland State House (MD Quarter) – General Washington’s Commission Resignation Floor Spot –
          Washington Headquarters (French and Indian War) – Western Maryland Dinner Train - Lafayette Canon Gift –
          Thurgood Marshall Memorial - Virginia C&O Canal NHP – Washington’s FIRST Monument –
          Cumberland Road Gap Display – Home - (5 days).
     Disney World and Universal Studios ( 8 days)
     Abby Inducted into Scholastic Sorority - Beta Gamma Sigma ??
     Outer Banks, NC (4 Days).
     Myott Funeral - Minuteman Memorial NP (MA Quarter) –
     Dinner with Bill and Sarah. 
     The Golden Boys, Oct 16th
     Birthday Cruise to Nowhere (3 days).
     Ferguson – George Jones, November 13th
     Dover (Dec 30th) – New York City, with Mamma Mia Broadway Show – Times Square -
          Statue of Liberty NP -  Subway – Battery Park NP – Dover (5 days)
     Obama Campaign - Hard Work!!

2009 Vacations COPY:
Las Vegas – Zion – Bryce – Cedar Breaks – Grand Canyon (7 days)
     July 4th – Washington, D.C.  (3 days)
     Delaware – Pennsylvania, New Jersey – Maryland, Virginia (5 days)
     Disney World and Universal Studios Elizabeth's B-day ( 8 days)
     Outer Banks, NC (4 Days)
     Birthday (Joe) Cruise to Nowhere (3 days).
     Dover, DE – New York City – Dover (5 days)

2010 Vacations
     Atlantic City, NJ – Andre Reiu Concert.
     Outer Banks, NC – Fort Raleigh NP – Inn at Rodanthe – Acquarium –
     Wright Brothers First Flight NP – Two Light House Visits (5 days).
     Ferguson – TAO, Martial Arts of Drumming, April 3rd
     Ferguson – A 1940’s Review, April 8th
     Ringling Brothers Circus, April 23rd
     Ferguson – The Smothers Brothers, April 30th
           Vegas w/Cher – Lake Meade – Hoover Dam – Sky Walk –
           Grand Canyon West – Grand Canyon Caverns – Kingman Route 66 Museum –
           London Bridge – Quartzsite/Blythe – Patton Museum – Joshua Tree – Hemet/Hospital –
          Tar Pits – Regan Library – Channel Islands – MASH Park – Hearst Castle -
          Sequoia NP, King’s Canyon NP – Winery – Chuckchansey – Yosemite NP –
          Sierra Dinner Train – Incline Village – South Tahoe – Mono Lake NP - Independence -
          Mansenar NP – LA Aquaduct – Death Valley NP – Scott’s Castle NP –
          Las Vegas – Donnie and Marie Show – Home
     Atlantic City, NJ – Caesars, Ballys, Showboat, Atlantic City, June 19th
     St. Augustine, FL and Tallassee. 
     Tallahassee, FL – Jessica Reunion – Kendall First Visit. 
     Washington DC National Zoo – Home. 
     Appomattox Court House NP – Mountain Lake, Filming of Dirty Dancing –
     New River Bridge, WV (WV Quarter) - Home
     Niagra Falls...
          Casinos x3 – Whirlpool – Gull Mom - Filming Location, Maryln Monroe -
          Butterfly House – Bio Clock – Home.

2010 Vacations:
     Vegas w/Cher – Lake Meade – Hoover Dam – Grand Canyon West
     Grand Canyon Caverns – Kingman Route 66 Museum – London Bridge
     Quartzsite/Blythe – Patton Museum – Joshua Tree – Hemet/Hospital
     Tar Pits – Regan Library – Channel Islands – MASH Park – Hearst Castle
     Sequoia NP, King’s Canyon NP – Winery – Chuckchansey – Yosemite NP
     Sierra Dinner Train – Incline Village – South Tahoe – Mono Lake NP
     Independence - Mansenar NP – LA Aquaduct – Death Valley NP
     Scott’s Castle NP – Las Vegas – Donnie and Marie Show

2011 Vacations Plus
     Hot Springs SHRM Conference
     Naples, Florida Anniversary Trip – Everglades NP – Big Cypress NP –
     Joe at Fort Benning and Jump School. 
     Civil War sites: Cold Harbor, Fredericksburg, Chansellorsville –
     Abby Graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE from CNU
     Colonial Beach – Washington’s Birthplace NP -
     Smith Mountain Lake – Poplar Forrest –
     Washington DC – Dover – Ocean City –  (Poison Ivy)
     Ferguson – Lewis Black, November 17th
     Elizabeth on Board of Directors at SEVA-ATSC
     Family Christmas Photo!

2012 Vacations
     Hot Springs SHRM Conference
     San Juan Puerto Rico: El Fort, Stellaris Casino (Feb 23rd),
          Ponce (Hilton Casino, Feb 26th), Old San Juan Casinos (Condado Plaze Casino, Feb 27th) - 
          Ft. McHenry NP – Home
     San Juan, Puerto Rico, Thanksgiving!
     Ferguson – Bob Newhart, March 16th
     Ferguson – American Big Band, March 18th
     American Theater – House at Pooh Corner, April 21st
     Ferguson – Willie Nelson (2nd time), May 18th
     Madi Gras Casino (May 22nd) “We are Marshall” – Old Kentucky Home –
          Lincoln’s Birthplace NP – Mammouth Caves – Indianpolis 500 – National Neighborhood Conference
          South Bend: Notre Dame, Rudy’s, and North South Continal Divide –
          4 Winds in MI, (May 26th) – Wright Brothers Museum NP – Cumberland Gap NP –
          Cherokee (May 29th) – Andersonville NP – Carter NP – Doc Hollywood –
          Jessica’s Graduation – Home
     Obama Campaign – hard work!
     Wilmington NC: One Tree Hill River Court – Charleston, SC Ft. Sumter NP –
          Jennifers’s Place - Jessica’s Place – Casino’s - San Juan at Thanksgiving –
          Dorado Casino, November 26th - Ft. Buchanan and Joe’s Office -
          Arecebo RadioTelescope, and Contact Movie site – Home
     Abby Graduated – Masters Degree!!!

2013 Vacations
     Hot Springs SHRM Conference
     San Juan - Joe got married - March
     Levi Norman born on September 29th

2014 Vacations
     Hot Springs SHRM Conference
     Family Reunion in Florida - Home - St. Augustine, FL; Tampa, FL; Ft. Meyer, FL; Naples, FL;
          Melbourne, FL; Leesburg, FL; Tallassee, FL (over 40 accidents); Savannah, GA; Congaree NP;
          Camden, SC; Home.
     Maryland LIVE! - Pennsylvania landmarks - York, Hersey, Harrisburg (PA State Quarter).
     50th High School Reunion - Home - Atlantic City - Sunapee Lodge - Newport  - Lebanon - Newport  - Home.
     Home to Tallassee, FL for Thanksgiving; Alabama for State Quarter;
          N. Kentucky for SHRM State Conference; home.



list distinctions of service and conditions


16. Famous people in your life.

who and locations

We are supposed to be (not officially) related to actress Emma Thompson (British)

Have seen in person:
Willie Nelson
Connie Francis
Paul Anka
George Jones
The Statler Brothers
Donnie and Marie


17. Close friends:

who and why

Bob Price

John Johnson


18. Life achievements (official and unofficial):

describe with dates and roles


19. Publications:

list and describe, particularly motivations

5-Binder Professional Classical Organization Development Library with Software
Numerous articles published in local Business Journals


20. Special skills, interests, hobbies:

list and provide motivations, dates and distinctions

Private Pilot (also owned a Cessna 150)

Boating (23' Cuddy Cabin Inboard) Renkin 150hp Inboard
Coin Collection
Autograph Collection
Casino Chips Collection
Grand National Park Visit Stamp and Coin Collections
State Road-signs
State Quarter Collection - 4 to go! as of October 2014


21. Foreign language skills:

list and describe why and how attained as well as utility



22. Main character traits (don't be bashful here.  What legacy would you like to leave behind?):

list top the few and explain the values engaged

23. Life challenges:

what was/were/are the difficult conditions you have survived


24. Banners and bandwagons (What values do you hold high?):

what are the efforts you have made beyond the ordinary

Classical Organization Development

25. Political views:

describe the political views and what you did to bring them to life

Was a Republican through George W. Bush - that did it!
Hard core Liberal (usually Democratic)
Worked very hard on the Obama elections entering data.


26. Other 1:

add to the list with definition

27. Other 2:

add to the list with definition