ATD Conference Handouts


Advance Options:


Complete the RGB Workstyle Preference Inventory NLT Noon Sept. 21, 2016.

Workstyle Preference Inventory - A Talent Measurement Tool



Progressive Design Matrix Overview:

Six-page color Progressive Design Matrix - Provided during workshop. 


SAMPLE Event Designs for Download: 

Download 1 or 2 that you'd like to have discussed. 

1.  Data Collection Events (M07-T13-D03)

                    Overview of Themed Data Collection Annual Process

                     See pages 5 and 6 of the Six-page color Progressive Design Matrix

D16 - Coaching Lab and Planning Collaborative Session


2.  Diversity Events (M07-T14-D03)

            D13 - ProZones Culture and the Culture of RGB - Not available at this time


3.  Organizational Learning (M07-T15-D03)

            D11 - Organizational Learning Overview


4.  Routine Meetings (M07-T16-D03)

D13 - Quarterly All Personnel


5.  Team Development (M07-T17-D03)

            D12 - Compatibility Scores


6.  Planning (M07-T18-D03)

            D11 - Project Planning and Execution


7.  Matching Tasks with Talents (M07-T19-D03)

D12 - Task List Creation Session


8.  Retreats (M07-T20-D03)

D12 - Spring [Timeline] Retreat - Not available at this time.


9.  Best Practice Management (M07-T21-D03)

D12 - Cross-Department Collaboration Sessions


10.  Realignment (M07-T22-D03)

            D11 - Current Documentation Review Session(s) - Not available at this time.


11.  Transitions (M07-T23-D03)

D12 - Change in Authority Leadership Transition


12.  Mediation (M07-T24-D03)

            D12 - Issues and Outcomes Clarification Session(s) - Not available at this time.